How a Snoring Mouthpiece Works

The different types of snoring devices are manufactured differently, so they also work in different ways. They are used for very specific reasons, but are all just in the main umbrella of stopping snoring problems. Some examples of snoring devices are the mouthpiece, mouth guards, chin straps, nose strips, chin strips, vestibular shields, and pillows among others. Among these, the most commonly used and usually trusted is the snoring mouthpiece.


What is a Snoring Mouthpiece?

A snoring mouthpiece is a specific mandibular advancement device (MAD), which is particularly used for Obstructive Sleeping Apnea (OSA) patients. It is prescribed by a doctor or specialist, and is not available for every snorer to use because of its specific function. It is also costly compared to the snoring mouth guard because of the sleeping apnea prevention too.


How a Snoring Mouthpiece is made

Because it is only done with prescription and it is a mandibular advancement device, it must be made by a licensed dentist because a snoring mouthpiece is something that is put in the mouth. A snoring mouthpiece will be made through custom fitting, so the person must discuss with the dentist about, and undergo, the custom fitting process. After obtaining the mould, the dentist will make the snoring mouthpiece physical existent through the use of special acrylic resin that is guaranteed non-toxic and harmless to the person’s oral health.


How a Snoring Mouthpiece Works

The main function of a snoring mouthpiece, since it is a mandibular advancement device, is to realign the jaw to stop the snoring. It will push either the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both forward to attain this goal. The person will use it throughout the night and will have to take it off and clean it during the non-sleeping hours. This is important because the mouthpiece should be maintained to refrain from wearing it out too early and to prevent bacteria from entering the mouth during sleep.


The Benefits of a Snoring Mouthpiece

Using a snoring mouthpiece can prove to be worthwhile, because of the following reasons:

  • One snoring mouthpiece can be used for many years if needed. Even though they are costly, a sleep apnea patient does not have to change the mouthpiece from time to time, even if he or she needs to use it for a long time. The user does not have to get used to new ones, or does not have to plan future budgets for the mouthpiece getting worn out. The person should just allot enough time to clean the device to avoid it from wearing out too soon.
  • The application of the mouthpiece is easy. Putting it in the mouth and setting it for the night is a relatively easy task, and it will only take a few nights to get by the sensation of having a mouthpiece.
  • It is guaranteed to stop snoring for sleep apnea patients. The person will never have to wake up tired or sleepy again, while the people sleeping near the person do not have to be woken up in the middle of the night because of the snoring.