My Review of Zyppah RX Snoring Device

I think that snoring can fairly be called a disease of the 21st century. But not everyone knows that it can have severe consequences in the future, including death of a snorer! I have been snoring for some time, but I didn’t really consider it as anything but a minor trouble until I heard this scary statement. So I immediately turned on my computer and went on the internet to ask search engines what is the most popular snoring device that works.

After going through feedbacks from people who actually used anti-snoring devices, and finding one in particular which was the Zyppah review, I decided that I should try a Zyppah. It is safe, comfortable and fairly cheap. Without any hesitation, I ordered this mandibular device online. Soon a big box arrived. It had lots of papers inside of it, including instructions, a word from its creator, and my check. Most importantly, a mouthpiece was there in a small box. I noticed that it is very comfortable to use this box for keeping the Zyppah if I decide to travel. The mouthpiece had an elastic band strap in its back which prevents a tongue from falling back during sleep. I should say that an extra safety measure will not bother anyone.

stop-snoring-mouthpieceAfter going through the manual I prepared the device for usage. According to the instructions, first of all I had to keep it in a hot just boiled water for about a minute, then get it out for about half a minute and then when it cooled enough to be able to put it in your mouth do so and close your jaws. This way I adjusted the Zyppah specifically to fit my jaws and stay comfortably in my mouth through the night. After holding the device in my mouth for a short time I put it into a glass with cold water. It is said that you can as well hold it under a stream of cold water to make your teeth mark stay there.

An evening came and I put a ready-to-use Zyppah in my mouth and feel asleep. In the morning I felt a little sore and I found wet spots of saliva on my pillow. It wasn’t very nice, but gladly it didn’t last for more than just a few days. In 3 days I basically forgot that I had it on. The mouthpiece doesn’t bother me and I don’t bother my family members with snoring. Everyone is happy.