The Horrifying Truth about My Snoring Husband

Me and my husband have been married for five and years, and he had been promoted in his office job twice within those five years of living together. But as promotion entails responsibility, he was always tired after work, and he started a serious snoring problem. If it was just a minor thing, I would have ignored it, but it was not. He was usually on business trips, but when he comes home and sleeps beside me, I could not sleep the entire night, and I just usually doze off in the early hours of the morning when he abruptly pauses the snoring. But then it came to the point that everybody else in the house—our four-year old kid and a helper—cannot get a good night’s sleep because of his terrible condition. I was worrying for our health, especially for our child.

Finally, I had the courage to talk to him about his snoring. I did not want to nag, but it was becoming too terrible to bear. One Saturday when we were all miraculously at home and talking in the living room about random things, I confessed about how we were all getting sleepless because of his snoring. He was shocked at first, because he did not know he was a snorer, and it was that bad. He asked me when it started and I said it happened right after his last promotion. He realized that it had been a very long time and looked worriedly at me, the helper, and especially our kid. No one has ever confronted him about snoring because he usually sleeps alone in private quarters or in a hotel room. I said we should go to a specialist and ask about what we can do about his snoring. We made an appointment for the next day.


The specialist told us that we were right to seek his help about my husband’s condition. The snoring and his stress at work have affected his health strongly. The doctor said it was obstructive sleep apnea and it was putting too much stress on his heart. It was possible that he would eventually get into a stroke after a couple more of months. My husband and I were shocked, and quite relieved that we went to a doctor quite early. But then we asked the specialist if we could do something to prevent that from happening. We were so ready to do everything just not to make that happen.

The doctor said there were readily available mouth guards and mouthpieces all specifically to prevent patients from snoring. He gave us recommendations and a prescription for a mandibular advancement device (MAD), so that we could already buy one immediately. As he said, we found a lot of them in reliable online shops, and we decided to buy just one mouthpiece for starters. We wanted to make sure that the one we bought was effective, so we reviewed all of the products’ specifications until we came up with the best one.

During the first night of using the mouthpiece, I thought I had a miracle come over our family! My husband stopped snoring altogether, and we got all our regular sleeps back! I can never thank the specialist enough, and of course the company who made the mouthpiece. After that, all of our sleeping patterns and general lifestyle returned to normal.